About us

About us

Why Shetland Ebb Tide Gifts
Shetland has a rich history of trading from Hanseatic booths found at various locations around the Shetland coastline, where fish was traded for among other things, luxury items such as glass and pottery. Also Shetlanders, being renown sailors, have travelled far and wide bring back gifts for the family while thousands of ships have been in Shetland waters, some of these are now wrecks and will have also contributed to the variation of `gifts' washed up.

This naturally sea tumbled glass is frosted, has rounded edges which add to its appeal, and is very tactile. We prefer to use natural unaltered sea glass, other than making the odd hole, rather than providing a manufactured shape. We love the frosted look which may have taken anything from 20-100+ years to form, being tumbled in the seas around Shetland rather than alter the appearance by adding oil.

Sea Glass collecting has become a very popular and like most other places it is becoming more difficult to find suitable pieces. While we are out on the beach we also collect any rubbished that we can carry, but are dismayed by the amount we find.

Each creation is unique and is presented as they were found, and we offer these at competitive prices and with *free postage within the UK*. Contact us for postage overseas.

Please note more items will be added on a regular basis