Welcome to Shetland Ebb Tide Gifts

Shetland Ebb Tide Gifts offers sea tumbled glass & pottery jewellery, pebble art and Shetland seascape canvas photos. Shetland has over 2700 km of coastline to search for these items, with 138 sandy beaches also plenty of rocky or pebbly beaches some more accessible than others..

All the items for sale use only genuine and naturally sea tumbled glass, pottery or pebbles which we have found on the Ebb Tide. The sea glass washed up on the beaches of Shetland will originate from various locations, either locally, Scandinavia or even America. Glass & pottery would at one point been discarded into the sea and overtime is broken up by wave action or hitting rocks and then ground down by sand.

Please note more items will be added on a regular basis